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Sher Vine and Felix are spending some time together in the garden and are soon joined by Ciri Angel. There is some tension and glossy between the girls as Oldje keeps looking at Ciri, the tension becomes a contest as the girls get topless under the premise to get more sun. The race to Oldje’s attention gets heated up as Sher starts sucking his cock while Ciri just rubs her pussy craving his dick. Girls decide to share Oldje and take turns riding his face and dick. After fucking there delicious young pussyes, Oldje jizzez all over Ciri’s mouth and tits!

The Blowjob Business

Cast:   Hugo, Candy Teen, Red Linx

Old real estate agent presents Candy Teen and Red Linx his best land up for sale and he's sticking with the high price. Girls make an offer to catch him off guard, a good price and a blowjob! Small soft hands taking off his shirt, going down his pants and grabbing his dick Oldje just can’t refuse. The land has lots of trees and the girls have the privacy to get naked and suck his cock. Babes take a closer look to the land as each grabs a tree where Oldje fucks them doggy-style. To seal the deal teens suck his dick until he comes and kiss each other with the sperm still on their tongues!

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Boris is set on making an amateur lesbian movie with Nicole Brix and Red Linx. Girls get heated up until it’s time to use a fake dildo so they convince Oldje to stop filming and dive in a threesome! Girls get him on the mattress, share a blowjob and take turns riding his face and dick. After a good fuck in missionary position, teens go back to kissing while oldje jerks off until he’s ready to give Red his seed on her tongue and share it with Nicole!

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If you are horny and alone, you are going to do it… Oldje is in a quiet forest and set up his blanket for quick wank. Candy Teen and Alexa Flexy were walking past and immediately sympathized with Oldje, young and without boyfriends, girls have the perfect excuse to share a cock! They help him with his masturbation, lubricate his dick with a sensual blowjob and even let him fuck the real thing! Blanket was for one person but the girls don’t mind staying on top of each other while Oldje fucks them one by one. It’s true in this case you should go out more often, from a lonely masturbation to cumming while two beautiful teens eat your cock is well worth while!

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In the hospital you might special attention from the nurse, but when your nurse is Emma Fantasy you get a daily blowjob! Unfortunately it coincides with the visiting hours and his wife, Julia Parker walks in on them doing the nasty! Oldje has no way of explaining what happened so he just sweet talks his way into a threesome. Julia gets to ride his cock while Emma sits on his face for cunnilingus. No girl left behind in this threesome, Harry fucks each girl and they eat each others pussy! His little adventure is about to finish as babes sit on their knees sucking his cock until he cums in their mouths.

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