The Painkiller Addiction

Paging doctor Oldje, Roxy Risingstar is not feeling good, she needs a mans touch on her breasts to forget about the pain! Her roommate Adelle Sabelle pushes the doctor in the bed with her faking sick friend, very confused he quickly calms down once the girls suck his dick. Oldje doctor even has some surgical skills, easily hitting the G-spot with his dick on both these teens! Babes get fucked in doggy-style until he’s ready to medicate the girls with his sperm!

Sounds Of Satisfaction

In a therapy session adventurous girls discuss that one of them really needs dick and is open for a threesome. They paid for a whole hour and are insisting Oldje therapist join them on the couch and give it a try. Slowly Tiffany Love and Jessika Night seduce Oldje and take off his clothes to suck his cock! Jessika revealed she’s a nympho so she gets to ride his dick first while Tiffany spreads her pussy all over his face. Like true girlfriends, they pay attention to the others needs and take turns to oldjes cock in doggystyle. Time almost up and Oldje is on time to cum all over the young teens faces!

Old Friends New Games

Cast:   Nick, Missy Luv, Ivi Rein

Old friends share almost anything, this time they will share Missy’s older boyfriend! After fooling around behind Oldje’s back Ivi Rein goes to her room to let the couple sleep. Still horny she comes back to arouse Missy and then kiss her lover! Wild girls take turns tasting his boner while Oldje gets to taste and fuck a new young pussy. Both girls like it doggystyle and Nick makes sure to ram them just how they like it. Ivi’s tight pussy ride gets Oldje ready to cum, blonde babes wait with their tongues out for him to jizz all over them!

A Special Donation

Lovely Jessika Night and Nana Garnet are going door to door looking for donations, seems that only Boris opens the door to invite them in. Oldje is surprised to find out that the girls want a sperm donation, when he tells them it’s going to take a while alone in the bathroom the teens offer to help! Taking off Oldje’s clothes and undressing themselves, girls start with a blowjob, Nana gets to be the first to enjoy his cock, she starts on top and yells for more in doggystyle! Jessika is next to be fucked while her friend sits under them and plays with her clit. With the good girls help he is now ready to make his donation, Nana takes it all in her mouth and puts it in their donation cup!

Restless & Saved By Sex

Wild girls managed to wreck Oldje’s car and want to repay him for the damage the best way hey know how! Roxy Lips and Sher Vine get Harry between them and kiss him from both sides, dropping his pants and start sucking his forgiving dick. Babes get their shirts off and their sexy young tits in his face getting his cock rock hard. Oldje lays down on the couch one girl facesitts and the other rides his stiff dick until he’s ready to pound their pussyes doggystyle. Down on their knees teens wait with their mouths open to receive his jizz and share it with a french kiss!

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