Horny Young Thieves

Young girls Mia Ferrari and Sarah Cute steal some tomatoes, but old man Harry caught them in his garden. As they don’t have money to pay for the stolen tomatoes, Oldje Harry threatens them that he’ll call the police. As they want to escape the punishment, the young thieves are willing to pay with their slutty bodies. They take turns in sucking the old man’s dick and fucking him in his beloved garden. In the end, the girls only steal Oldje’s heart, as they swallow his cum and he doesn’t call the police.

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A feisty redhead who likes to watch is even more dangerous when she’s the boss! Sweet Candy orders Sasha Sparrow to kiss Oldje if she wants him to get the job but gets so horny looking at them that the girls give him a blowjob first. The bossy teen lays on her desk with Sasha’s pussy in her mouth, making it hard for her to focus as Boris takes his old cock out of Candy Red’s mouth to have it sucked by Sasha. The old man proves he could be of great use to the company as he fucks both teens on the desk, then teaches them to share a load of cum to make sure he passed the test!

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Young brunettes giggle as old man Harry walks by them. They decide to make a joke, so Taylor stretches her leg and poor Oldje stumbles all over the floor! He seems really hurt and the girls feel sorry for what they did, so they decide to make up for their mistake. One kisses him passionately, as the other has “I’m sorry” all over her lips while sucking his dick. He punishes them for their bad joke and fucks them both on the table. The threesome gets hotter and it ends with the girls sharing Harry’s cum in a kiss, as an apology. Forgive us, Oldje, for we have joked!

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What can a girl do to raise her grades around here? Bunny Love hops on her teacher’s cock and raises it for a good start. Hugo gets dragged into the girls’ dorm, waking up the sleepy colleague who will ride his face as a punishment while making out with her brunette friend. Oldje loves eating a teen’s ass just as much as the two nymphos love making out while riding his dick and face! Teacher makes sure the students are properly fucked, then cums in Bunny Love’s mouth, who shares the cum-shot with Sarah Cute to thank her for helping her get better grades!

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Nympho teens need to learn how to share – young Nikky Fox is being used by Rebecca Ruby as a personal photographer, but the jealous brunette makes sure to use her Oldje boyfriend for her own pleasure. He gives the girls both attention and dick in equal shares – the teens get on their knees and take turns sucking on his cock before getting put on all fours and fucked from behind. The quick young Fox starts bouncing on Oldje’s dick, riding it as Rebecca rides his face. Having been properly fucked, Oldje cums in Nikky’s mouth, letting her share it in a kiss with her friend Rebecca.

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