Next Door Oldje

Amanda and Anna had a rough night and now can’t put down the tent. They ask the old nasty neighbor to help them and they tell him they had a gang-bang party last night. As he bends over, they both slap his old ass. Oldje isn’t looking for fun and games, but the little sluts take off their clothes and give him a hand – a hand-job, that is, followed by a hot threesome. They switch positions like playing an erotic Twister game and everyone gets satisfied. The two young bitches share Oldje’s cum in a hot kiss. Looks like Russian teens know how to party!

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Pervert old man gets caught stalking our half naked sunbathing blondes and has to please both of them in order to be forgiven. Luckily for Harry, the teens love eating both pussy and cock, so he gets to fuck them deep and hard while they play with each other. Oldje cums in their mouths at the end, watching them make out with his old cum dripping on their lips before thanking them and moving on to the next naughty neighbors.

Not Just A Dream

Felix and his young girlfriend sleep as Gina Ferocious comes and wakes him up because she’s horny. He tells her to leave, because his girlfriend is there, but she’s shameless and gives him a blowjob quietly, so they won’t wake her up. However, Charlotte wakes up and the old dirty man lies to her that she is dreaming. It seems more like Felix is the one living a beautiful dream, as the two young sluts lick his old dick. The old nasty man plays at two holes as he fucks his young bitches from behind. Charlotte gets fucked by her old boyfriend while licking Gina’s pussy. The girls share his cum in a sexy kiss. Wish it, dream it, do it!

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Old Hugo gets fooled by the young blondes and he’s locked out of the house again. The girls don’t want to let him in unless he takes his clothes off. They’re disappointed he doesn’t have an erection, so they start undressing as well, even if the old man asks them not to. The perky teens don’t quit on giving him an erection and they take him to the bedroom. His dick gets hard as the slutty blondes take turns in giving him a blowjob. They both enjoy it as Hugo fucks them in doggy style. The girls got their way and share Hugo’s cum in a sexy kiss.

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