Hypnotic Sex

Penelope Quente has an idea of how to help her old boyfriend Marcello quit smoking. She decides to hypnotize the old man and he’s open to the idea, but she can’t wake him up after putting him in a trance. She calls her friend Black Angel to the rescue and the two naughty brunettes take advantage of the non-responding Oldje and his growing erection. Old Marcello wakes up from hypnosis with his dick sucked and a pussy on his face. The threesome gets hotter and hotter, as both girls want to feel his cock inside them. The girls share his cum in a hot kiss to cure Marcello’s addiction and give him a new one: threesomes!

Conversation Interrupted

Young Jasmine Jayne and Alice Zaffyre interrupt their study session when they hear old Nick talking on his phone about sex. They are intrigued and horny, so they decide to put the pen down and their hands on his cock. The two girls aren’t greedy and share his dick, sucking it, taking turns to get fucked on the table or bent over it. The Oldje gets complete satisfaction when he cums in Alice’s mouth and she spits his sperm in Jasmine’s mouth, so they both get a taste. What a productive study session!

Forgiving Infidelity

Old Jador comes home finding a mess, with hot lingerie thrown around. He meets Melanie, his girlfriend Vivien’s friend, who is instantly attracted to the old man. She doesn’t spend time thinking and gets undressed, trying to seduce him. The old man can’t resist the temptation and gets his cock sucked by the horny brunette. Vivien catches them in act, but instead of getting jealous, she joins the fun. The two friends show Oldje the time of his life, making their holes available to his pleasure. Old Jador couldn’t be happier, caught between two beauties and cumming in their mouths. What are friends for if not good times!

A Story To Tell

Eva Fay interrupts old Richard Rogers and Julyana Rain in their romantic encounter, but her jealousy is fastly replaced by horny thoughts. Both girls get undressed and blow the Oldje. Eva loves seeing her old man fuck Julyana from behind. She gets a piece of his old dick as well. Both hotties get to taste his cum in the end, so no one has to get jealous anymore. A threesome can solve any amorous triangle!

A Workout To Remember

Blanco stretches his old but still fit body under the vigilent eyes of young naughty Vera Jarw and Leya Desantis. The girls want to join his workout, but things get a lot more physical, as they get more touchy. The blonde and the redhead take turns in sucking Oldje’s old cock, but also getting their young juicy pussies licked, stretching their legs. In time for some cardio, they get to ride his dick to burn those calories. The fiery threesome ends with the warmed up girls sharing Blanco’s cum in a hot kiss, exercising their tongue muscles. Group workout is a happy ending for all!

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