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Unforgettable Passion

Cast:   Philippe , Nick , Marcello , Harry , Boris

This week, Oldje-3some goes for a major throwback. Our old men have been some of the luckiest men on Earth in the past couple of years and got to share hot moments with naughty young girls. Watch how blondes and brunettes, with small or big tits, couple up for Oldjes’ satisfaction. There’s something for everyone! Here are some of Oldje-3some’s unforgettable fucking moments!

Seducing The Landlord

Traveling during the pandemic might be a bit expensive, but not when you're a hot blonde teen! Amy Douxxx knows just what to do to have Oldje extend their stay with one more night and once her and Bonnie get their hands all over Carlos, they know he won't say no! The teens get Carlos to join their no-panties club and suck on his big black cock together, but Oldje changes the rules of the club soon enough, having the teens lick each other's pussy while he rams his cock inside them balls deep! Bonnie gets a sweet cum-shot all over her face in the end, but Amy knows it was her dirty wish to stay one more night so she licks up all the cum off her.

A Threesome To Remember

Cast:   Philippe , Nick , Hugo , Felix , Harry , Boris

A fresh new compilation about brave old men facing off cock hungry teens that will stop at nothing until they get mounted. Blondes, redheads and brunettes, slim, sweet and sexy, coming in teams of two cunning babes that seduce Oldjes and make incredible threesomes! Blowjobs, cowgirl, cunnilingus, doggy-style, missionary, they do it all, with Oldjes vast experience and the horny young girls willing to try everything.

Something For You

Cast:   Philippe , John , Steve , Bryn , Jean Claude , Harry

Here are moments we enjoyed where Oldje gets surprised by cute young ladies, carefully placed into one sweet compilation. These girls are drawn to old cock and want to try everything: suck it, lick it, ride it and last but not least, share it! Watch how each horny girl takes her pussy for a turn on the old cock. A precious compilation that ends with teens licking collaboration at Oldje's ejaculation!

Give Me Some Action

Two beautiful girls and just one Oldje, teasing, seducing, they have only one thing in mind, sex! Some of the best intros that will get you heated up for some more. Sweet blowjobs followed by the cutest moans the girls make on top of Oldjes. Cherry picked some fine moments when Oldjes sperm lands on the expecting tongues of the most beautiful girls!