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Pleasing An Oldje

Old Chris is watching porn when redhead Miss Olivia comes in. Even though the girl sensually massages his shoulders, he doesn’t pay her much attention, still focused to the screen. Frustrated with the situation, the naughty girl calls over her friend, Charlotte Caddle, to complain about Chris ignoring her. The girls take the matter in their own hands, deciding to have together. Only when Olivia starts eating Charlotte’s pussy he becomes aware of his surrounding and accepts their invitation to join them. He gets his dick sucked by the slutty brunette while the young redhead sits on his face. When Charlotte takes a sit instead, Miss Olivia starts going up and down his dick, with her big tits bouncing. Fucking a redhead from behind and kissing a sensual brunette, the Oldje is living his dream. The girls share his cum, reminding Chris that he should live more in the moment.

Enough Room For One More

Cast:   Nick , Marcello , Felix , Boris , Bruno , Eddie Montana , Ray

If you are one of the many men who had the fantasy to fuck a beautiful teen girl, look no further, but here Oldje-3some comes and doubles the reward with one more girl in the plan! We have had some wonderful sets recently and we've gathered all the spicy stuff in just one movie. Fucking one and licking the other or taking turns fucking each one, that one extra pussy makes the difference between o good fuck and an experience of a lifetime. Young energetic babes take all they can from Oldjes and don't stop until they get that old cum!

Draining An Oldje

Cast:   Nesty , John , Baby Kxtten

Short men always have it hard, Oldje is being ignored by the barista and at his old age he will not have it. He comes a bit strong and is finally being noticed and gets his two coffees to enjoy with is girlfriend. The fresh couple want to explore each other but it seems Oldje needs a bit of help in the dick getting up department. So Nesty asks Baby Kxtten to help out and the barista agrees to help her little man. With two blondes rubbing the erection makes an appearance and the girls start to suck it! The old man gets mouth to pussy while the other girls mounts on top of his cock and rides cowgirl. Oldje stacks the teens and takes turns indulging in each pussy. Barista is the more experienced with the cream and sucks it out of Oldje and shares it with Nesty!

May I Join You?

Old Eddie is enjoying his time watching a Formula 1 race, when young brunettes Lola Heart and Emily F join him in the living room and get closer than usual. Under Eddie’s eyes, it’s lights out and away they start making out, leaving the old man to crave them both. As all three parties become extremely horny soon, they engage in a threesome full of moans, dick sucking and pussy licking. Overtaking each other, the girls take turns in getting fucked by Oldje’s old cock, while enjoying each other’s pussies as well. They suck him off to completion, sharing his warm cum and a sweet kiss to taste it off of each other at the finish line. Everyone is a winner at this race for orgasms!

Bothering A Sexy Oldje

Cast:   Felix , Katty West , Angie Elif

Old Felix is having a chill afternoon reading, when he gets interrupted by the two beauties, Angie Elif and Katty West. The girls are up to something and want to disturb Oldje’s day, as they start making out and fingering themselves on the couch. Felix is a simple man, he can’t contain from jerking off to the sight. The girls take turns in sucking his cock, and they get put in a variety of positions who leave everyone satisfied and moaning. What a fun family afternoon!