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A Better Idea

Business is slow and the boss has a hunch what the problem is, new employees are dating at work! Oldje calls Ashely and Rebecca in the office for a talk, their reports being low he makes the tough decision and forbids them dating. With a good massage and a few kisses later, lesbos turn bi and it’s now a secret threesome! Clothes come off and the fucking begins, each girl getting her turn on the desk in butterfly position. Lesbians still feel the need to eat clit and oldje is all for it as long as he’s still pounding a moist pussy. Oldje gets jerking and girls wait with their mouths open for him to cum and play with his sperm! Hope no one heard the noises, the awkward looks in the office might not raise the sales!

Roommate Desire

Cast:   Missy Luv , Hugh , Alice Klay

A broken zipper brings Missy Luv home early and is looking for something to fix it, while still searching her roommate comes home. Alice Klay is with Hugh, she takes him to her bed for some hot sex. Missy gets caught when she tries to sneak out, Oldje spots her while Alice was sucking his cock. Luck is not on her side, Missy gets an ultimatum, suck dick or get out! Streets are no place for a young girl, she sucks and face-sits Hugh as her roommate rides his dick. Not much of a punishment if she enjoys it! Luv is next on the shift stick and her friend with the lip-spread. Oldje jizzes in the mouth of the sneaky one, girls kiss and make up. A threesome solves any issue!

2 Horny Chicks

A very hot room and the fan is not working, what could Lolly and Poppy do? Oldje usually fixes things so they ask him to repair it. After checking the fan, Marcello tells the girls he will fix it tomorrow. Girls want a solution and Oldje suggests they should take off their clothes. It seems to have backfired on him, girls get naked and undress him too! Girls make Oldje feel their tits, one kisses his mouth while the other french-kisses his dick! And so the threesome begins, Oldje at the bottom with one pussy in his face and another jumping on his cock. Oldje deep throats Lolly when he cums and she shares it with Poppy!

Naughty Christmas Eve

Teens love Christmas, decorating the tree and pillow fights! Poppy and Missy's game is too loud for Oldje and he will do anything to calm them down. You can’t just say anything and hope to get away with it, girls start to seduce oldje, kissing and taking turns sucking his cock. He gives in to temptresses and fucks them in all the positions they want. After ruffling their feathers oldje can’t hold it much longer, he jizzes all over teens!

Seeing Double

Cast:   Harry , Nikky Fox , Kitty Fox

Something always needs fixing around the house and the wine is always there to help. After drinking three bottles of wine Oldje starts to see double. Turns out the wine was magic! His double vision was of two gorgeous teens who just so happen to take off their clothes and suck his dick. Not much time passes after they suck his dick that they take turns getting fucked by this drunk old man. Just as he came the girls disappeared and he wakes up from his sweet threesome dream.