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The Sexercise Workout

Nana Garnet and Tifanny Love rearranged the living room to have enough space for yoga, they didn’t consult with Oldje since it was his reading room, so a heated discussion arose. Girls came with a compromise, Oldje should join them in yoga! Pretty difficult in his clothes, so the girls get him but naked and discover a raging boner. That can’t go unnoticed or unsucked, so they start the yoga session with Oldje on top pumping their fit pussies. Girls each get their turn to warm up on top of his cock until hes cock is ready to bust a nut. No yoga mat needed, babes just sit on their knees slurping all of Oldje’s cum and spread it on Tifanny’s tits!

Hungry & Horny

Cast:   Harry , Missy Luv , Azure Angel

Cooking Oldje is surprised by two hot teens who decide to spice up his day with their special ingredients! Azure Angel and Missy Luv get on their knees for Harry and mix up their spit on his old dick, getting him excited to spoil both of the girls. The three of them get up on the table and the girls take turns in riding his dick and face, then Missy Luv sucks him off until Oldje cums in her mouth and has her share his cum with Azure Angel!

The Big Present

This Christmas is all about giving, unfortunately Oldje forgot to buy his girlfriend a present! A quick dabble with his arts and crafts and his special gift is ready to surprise. Roxi Risingstar reveals her gift to John, her two gorgeous friends Sasha Sparrow and Azure Angel dressed as miss Santa! Oldje’s dick in a box brought joy to the girls as they jerked him off and licked the erect present! Girls lick each others pussy for a good wet fuck. After pumping his young girlfriend, Oldje’s gift is at an end, another Christmas with teens faces getting jizzed!

The Painkiller Addiction

Paging doctor Oldje, Roxy Risingstar is not feeling good, she needs a mans touch on her breasts to forget about the pain! Her roommate Adelle Sabelle pushes the doctor in the bed with her faking sick friend, very confused he quickly calms down once the girls suck his dick. Oldje doctor even has some surgical skills, easily hitting the G-spot with his dick on both these teens! Babes get fucked in doggy-style until he’s ready to medicate the girls with his sperm!

Sounds Of Satisfaction

In a therapy session adventurous girls discuss that one of them really needs dick and is open for a threesome. They paid for a whole hour and are insisting Oldje therapist join them on the couch and give it a try. Slowly Tiffany Love and Jessika Night seduce Oldje and take off his clothes to suck his cock! Jessika revealed she’s a nympho so she gets to ride his dick first while Tiffany spreads her pussy all over his face. Like true girlfriends, they pay attention to the others needs and take turns to oldjes cock in doggystyle. Time almost up and Oldje is on time to cum all over the young teens faces!