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Bored And Horny

A good idea might light up like a light bulb, but this time the bulb gets hidden by horny girls to trick Oldje into getting in their bed. Two young teens Chloe and Kaira, seduce the unsuspecting Oldje with their juicy pussies and sloppy blowjobs. Girls love to play with his old cock, take turns getting fucked and are eager to feel it inside again! Once he cums in the babe's mouth Oldje wants to forget about the missing light bulb before these girls suck him dry!

Can You Lower The Price?

Roomies Mia and Keira have been looking for the perfect house to rent for a while now and Marcello seems to have right what they need: an good old dick and a beautiful apartment. The problem is Marcello has way too high expectations when it comes to the girls’ payment, so they have to use their best assets to negotiate the price. They persuade the old man into a threesome, paying for their housing in nature. Every dick licking and every drop of pussy juice costs Marcello a lot of money, as the girls get a great deal in exchange of Oldje’s greatest threesome. The fucking was priceless, but the rent comes monthly!

Playing With The Landlord

Paying rent during a pandemic can be difficult, but Sherill and Kittina know there are plenty of other ways to pay their debt to the landlord. The two teens make old Felix forget all about the money as they ride his face and cock, taking turns playing cowgirl and face-sitting on the old man. Oldje won't be able to resist Sherill's great tits for long so coming for money will get a different meaning once he cums all over her!

Spice Up Your Routine

What's a better way of spicing your old man's life up than having a horny friend over? Sherill understands that Hans has needs and wouldn't want him to only satisfy them through porn, so she makes his dreams come true with Vanessa's help. The two lovers make out while the young blonde sucks Oldje off, turning the teen into their own personal sex toy! Hans fucks the young girls, making sure each get their turns riding his old dick.

Tease Of Oldje 3Some - Best Blow-jobs

Highlights with the best babes blowing the dicks of all our Oldjes, this is two mouths one cock! Some of oldje-3some's best scenes with babes taking turns slurping, kissing, deepthroating those old cocks! We've saved the best for last, young girls cum eating tongue out waiting for Oldje's jizz!