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Peeping Oldje

Baby Kxtten and Chloe Heart find a nice spot to enjoy an afternoon in nature. Soon enough, things get heated as they engage in a hot make-out session. Old Felix sees them through the bushes and gets horny from the sight. When the girls get to eating out pussy, he can’t refrain from peeping and rubbing his dick. He gets spotted by the girls and they invite him to join their party. Both girls suck the Oldje’s dick and get fucked from behind. Good thing no one can hear their moans in the middle of nature!

Joining The Party

Old Blanco and Lana Lelani are having a hot make out session on the couch, when they get interrupted by Valentina La Piedra. They resume to their kissing, when Valentina puts a pillow between them and, without their knowledge, starts touching herself, feeling horny seeing them. Blanco gets sight of her activity and gets her involved, fingering her pussy. Sooner rather than later, as always, both girls end up sucking Oldje’s cock. He gets to fuck both young pussies, as they take turns riding his dick. They end up sharing Oldje’s cum in a hot kiss. When there’s three, it’s always a party!

The Boss's Daughter

Cast:   Boris , Sofi Otis , Ciel Tokyo

Ready to experience new cultures, Ciel Tokyo, the daughter of Oldje's boss comes from Japan to visit. Oldje's girlfriend Sofi Otis is not much for words, she makes a move on Ciel and doesn't get rejected. Down her panties go and Sofi gets caught eating Ciel's sushi while Oldje was out getting snacks! The sneaky little minx convinces Oldje with a few kisses to dine on the bosses daughter as she tastes so good. After each gets a taste of Oldje's cock, the girls place themselves in their favorite position to get pumped by his cig cock. Each getting heir fair share, now the old man shoots his load on the girls chins!

Spoiling An Oldje

Old Jack is enjoying a good book on the couch when he’s joined by foxy Baby Kxtten who wants to help him relax after a hard day. She has a special surprise for him, in her friend Eden Ivy who joins the two horny lovers. Jack’s cock is lucky enough to get sucked by both beauties. Blonde Baby Kxtten keeps blowing him, as he licks Eden Ivy’s pussy. He fucks the blonde hard from behind, watching her getting a taste of the brunette’s as well. The girls switch places, so every young pussy gets fucked and licked. The hot girls share a kiss with Jack’s dick smelling like pussy between them. The girls lick his dick clean and share his cum in a sexy kiss. Jack should be stressed more often to get this great treatment!

Desire For Cock And Pussy

Irina Cage wakes up and stretches her hot body when Eden Ivy comes in her bedroom. They both feel horny in the morning, so they decide they can help each other. The girls make out and undress, as perv old man Pavel Faun secretly watches them eating each other’s pussy. Irina notices him and they invite him to join the party, taking turns in sucking his old cock. Both young girls get to ride his dick and a good fuck from behind. They share his cum in a hot kiss for a good start of the day.