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Caught Sniffing Panties

After a long trip Jane Nedon and Miriam More check in at a Bed and breakfast managed by Oldje. Tired, the girls undress down to their lingerie and fall asleep. A little bit of a perv, Oldje slips in their room, lured by the lovely perfume of their clothes he starts to jerk off with them. A little too excited he makes noises and the girls wake up and confront his dick with a bit of a lick and suck. These horny babes really put Oldje to work, each girl face-sits and each one wants to be down on all fours and fucked doggy-style. Old man reaches his limit and his climax is shared by the girls through a long and sensual french kiss.

A Game For Three

Cast:   Philippe , Nick , Nico , Harry , Boris , Bruno

Like a look through the window of time we bring back the top scenes that you love in Oldje-3some. Outdoor and indoor, Oldje's have no problem pumping teen pussies at any time of day! Beautiful, young and horny, they all get their fair share of old man cock.

A Roomate For Both Of Us

Lana presents the apartment to the new roommate, but the bathroom is occupied... The exploration leads the curious teens to get a glimpse of Boris's big cock while in the shower and start to get horny. Oldje gets out of the shower to see pussy is on the menu! An interesting first impression, Vina Spice is pleased to meet Oldje and invites him for some three way fun. Girls get to work, Vina face sits and Lana jams his dick in her mouth as deep as it goes. With the pussys all slippery and wet, Boris takes turns fucking babes doggy-style. Time to spread his seed, Vina jerks him off and Lana waits with her sweet mouth open!

3-some Kamasutra

Cast:   Marcello , Hugo , Uli , Harry , Boris , Atilah , Hans

We all know three is a crowd, so this week we have a special surprise on Oldje-3some. We revisit the best sex positions we’ve seen in our threesomes. Considering the number of participants, thank God, there are loads of them. Every position in the book has blasted on your screens and they’re all ready to make you cum again.

Creamy BJs

Cast:   Marcello , Hugo , Bryn , Harry , Boris , Hugo S , Martin

This week we revisit some of the hottest blowjobs Oldje-3some had to offer along time. There’s nothing better than two girls sharing one dick or sharing cum in a hot kiss. Girls have been paying special attention to Oldje cocks with their mouths for a long time and the naughty ones never seem to get enough. What a better way to shut up little brats than to shove a dick up their throat?