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Seduced By 2 Models

Kristal Amore and Diane Chrystall are two of Oldje's models scheduled for a bikini photo-shoot. Girls get excited as oldje asks them to kiss and take off their top but don't stop there! They slide their bikini and rub their pussies for a high quality close-up. No turning off the models now, inviting Oldje to pull out his cock and join them. Babes wet his cock with a blowjob and get in doggy-style for a turn at oldje's thrusting. A ride on his dick and more fucking in missionary gets oldje ready to explode on the kneeling cum thirsty teens!

Flirting With The Doctor

Kristal Amore and Frederica Fierce take some time off and read a magazine together as they get a bit naughty. The doctor joins them and the two young girls show him some private parts that need treatment. A hot threesome begins, as old doctor Philippe is lucky enough to get his hands on both the brunettes. You know healthcare employees are essential workers. Stay safe and get the right treatment with Oldje-3some in the comfort of your home!

Working Overtime

After a good performance dancers Rebecca Lee and Lina Roselina want their pay and are willing to do anything to get it. Seduce mode on, rubbing the big bulge in his pants get Oldje to be more receptive about their payment. Babes suck his cock and do a little dance around his cock before slipping it inside their wet pussies. After swinging on his dick long enough to get him ready to jizz, the girls get on their knees and share between them Oldje's sperm!

Share Good Practice

Best friends do anything for each other and Diane Chrystall wants to help Frederica Fierce learn her way around a dick. The girls start by jerking Oldje off and taking turns sucking his cock. The new girl gets the first ride while Diane plays with her tits until it's her turn. She gets fucked in missionary but leaves the pro to make Oldje cum with a sloppy blowjob!

The Hangover Treatment

Old man Boris wakes up with a hangover and a boner and is lucky enough to be woken up by two teens that know how to handle both. Sasha and Azure have emptied the old man's wallet before waking him up so they start licking and sucking on his dick, then ride his cock and face. Boris' hangover won't keep him on the couch when he has two hot brunettes around, so he makes them play with their pussies and licks them up until he gets their legs up on his shoulders to fuck them deep. The slutty teens share his cum and make out, eager to share his money as well.