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Not Too Shy For A 3-Some

Kittina has a new Oldje boyfriend and wants to introduce him to her bestie Sweetie Plum. Oldje arrives, Sweetie is introduced but she starts making a move on him while Kittina is not looking. As Sweetie ducks under the kitchen counter to play lick the lollypop, Kittina lifts her skirt on the other side telling him how horny she is. Coming around she finds her friend with a mouth full of her boyfriend and wants to continue in a three way fun. After a lot of oral play girls take it to the couch to ride his big cock.

The Landlord That Shagged Us

Cast:   Amy Douxxx , Samantha , Ray

Samantha Sparkle and Amy Douxxx get introduced by old Ray to the room they will spend the night in and the girls seem to be wanting to test the mattress. Blonde Amy gets bored and joins the old man on his couch, looking for some indoor activity. The two start making out and Samantha can’t resist joining them when she sees them getting touchy. Oldje Ray can’t believe the luck he has, with the two young girls taking turns in sucking his dick balls deep. The trio switch positions, with the girls wanting to bounce on good ol’ Ray’s cock. The blonde and the brunette end up sharing his cum, so that must’ve been the meal. New bed and breakfast concept.

A Threesome League Championship

Lana Bunny and Samantha are working out together, getting a bit touchy as they stretch. Old Eddie Montana comes in the room to watch the football match, but the girls restrain his view, working out in front of the tv. The girls are a bit horny today, so they take off their clothes showing their tits and start making out, but old man Eddie can’t be bothered, he’s just looking forward for a goal from his favorite team. The girls can’t take the lack of attention anymore, so they take initiative and get Eddie in the middle of their horny game. Both girls share his dick, taking turns in sucking it and riding it in reverse cowgirl. Seems like Oldje scored big!

A Three-Way Affair

Cast:   Marcello , Uli , Nico , Boris , Atilah , Bruno

Oldjes and threesomes go so well together, with so many different sets, but some scenes deserve extra attention and that's what this compilation is all about. Clips of passionate Oldjes getting incredible blowjobs and the hot fucking of young horny pussies!

The Naughty Neighbour

Having Oldje as a neighbor has its perks, but having to share the same balcony makes it very easy to invite him for some sex. After telling her friend the wonderful sex she had with Oldje, Lana Lelani and Maria Wars knock on the wall for her neighbor to join in for a threesome. As the girls kiss and rub each other, Oldje zips out his cock and lets the girls drag him in the middle of the action. A symphony of moans, kissing, sucking and cock riding emerges with Oldje as the conductor. The entanglement is brought to an end as Oldje gives the call he is ready to cum and the nice girls join to suck the cum as it emerges!