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Naughty Christmas Eve

Teens love Christmas, decorating the tree and pillow fights! Poppy and Missy's game is too loud for Oldje and he will do anything to calm them down. You can’t just say anything and hope to get away with it, girls start to seduce oldje, kissing and taking turns sucking his cock. He gives in to temptresses and fucks them in all the positions they want. After ruffling their feathers oldje can’t hold it much longer, he jizzes all over teens!

Seeing Double

Cast:   Harry , Nikky Fox , Kitty Fox

Something always needs fixing around the house and the wine is always there to help. After drinking three bottles of wine Oldje starts to see double. Turns out the wine was magic! His double vision was of two gorgeous teens who just so happen to take off their clothes and suck his dick. Not much time passes after they suck his dick that they take turns getting fucked by this drunk old man. Just as he came the girls disappeared and he wakes up from his sweet threesome dream.

Rent Day, Sex Day

Worst day of the month, rent day, turned out pretty good this time. The landlord can’t reach his tenant by phone, so he comes by the house to get his money. He finds her making out with another girl almost naked in the bed. Being a nasty old man, his dick gets hard and starts jerking off watching them. The tenant notices him and calls him out as a pervert, but her girlfriend seems to be interested in using his already erect dick for the pleasure of both girls. The threesome puts them in different positions, from sucking dick to doggy style, from licking pussy to getting ride by both of the young sluts. In the end, everybody is satisfied and no one mentions any rent to pay.

Horny Young Thieves

Young girls Mia Ferrari and Sarah Cute steal some tomatoes, but old man Harry caught them in his garden. As they don’t have money to pay for the stolen tomatoes, Oldje Harry threatens them that he’ll call the police. As they want to escape the punishment, the young thieves are willing to pay with their slutty bodies. They take turns in sucking the old man’s dick and fucking him in his beloved garden. In the end, the girls only steal Oldje’s heart, as they swallow his cum and he doesn’t call the police.

Double Sex Test

A feisty redhead who likes to watch is even more dangerous when she’s the boss! Sweet Candy orders Sasha Sparrow to kiss Oldje if she wants him to get the job but gets so horny looking at them that the girls give him a blowjob first. The bossy teen lays on her desk with Sasha’s pussy in her mouth, making it hard for her to focus as Boris takes his old cock out of Candy Red’s mouth to have it sucked by Sasha. The old man proves he could be of great use to the company as he fucks both teens on the desk, then teaches them to share a load of cum to make sure he passed the test!