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A Fuck Challenge

Good old friends Marcello and Eddie Montana have a chill time on the couch watching some TV, reminiscing how much they used to fuck in their youth and accusing each other of small dick. They decide to have a fucking contest to see which of them fucks better, so they call over young Jane Nedon to be the judge. The naughty brunette thinks there’s only one way to find out, having a threesome. The lucky girl gets fucked by both men, filling both her pussy and her mouth with their old cocks. She gets cream-pied by Eddie and gives a foot-job to old Marcello making him cum on her pedicure. Seems like both old friends still got it!

Triangle Of Desires

Lya Cutie enjoys leisure time with her old boyfriend Nick getting cozy on the couch when her friend Slayden Skaya joins them and sees the tender touching between them two. Slayden asks Lya to make her a coffee so she can be alone with old hot Nick and starts flirting with him. Back in her room, naughty blonde Slayden starts touching herself, being aroused by the two love doves. Nick finds her naked and wet and Slayden doesn’t hesitate to take his dick in her mouth. Tired of waiting, Lya catches them in action, but she joins instead of getting mad. Soon enough both girls get to ride in cowgirl style oldje’s experienced dick. They even bring a pink vibrator into play, so everyone gets to have fun. Slayden takes Oldje’s cum in her mouth and puts it on Lya’s tits, sharing as any great friend would do.

Sharing A Cock

Blondes Elena Fire and Lola Heart share the couch with Oldje, having a chill time watching TV. Lola is very in love with her old boyfriend, and their sweet kisses makes her friend Elena really horny. Elena sneakily takes Oldje’s hand and puts it on her naked pussy while he kisses Lola. The couple leaves the room, so Elena needs to attend her young pussy’s needs by herself. She sneaks into their room and starts sucking Oldje’s dick as he sleeps, but Lola wakes up and catches her in action. She joins her bff and they share Jack’s cock for everyone’s satisfaction. They both get fucked by the experienced dick and even get a taste of each other, as Lola eats Elena’s pussy while Jack fucks her in doggy style. The naughty girls share Oldje’s cum in a hot kiss. Sharing is caring!

Spicy Offer

Cast:   Amy Douxxx , Emma Evans , Chel

Chel gets a surprise from his lovely Amy Douxxx. She blindfolds him and brings on Emma Evans for a spicy threesome. The girls get on their knees to share Oldje’s cock. Both hotties gets their pussies fucked by the experimented Oldje, being turned on by each other’s moans. Riding her old boyfriend’s dick, Emma shares hot kisses with Amy. All good things must come to an end, so the girls suck Oldje’s energy and share his cum in a spicy kiss. Another great day to be an old hot man!

Stranger In The Woods

Greta Foss and Tasha Lustn are having a nice afternoon, taking a walk and pictures of each other in the forest, when out of nowhere they meet old Phillipe. He offers to take pictures of them together and soon gets horny and starts jerking off, seeing such beauties. The girls join the fun, kneeing in front of him to suck his dick. Oldje gets to fuck them both from behind and kiss their young pussies. A hot picnic session comes, with both girls taking their place riding Oldje’s cock. After this steamy afternoon in nature, Oldje Phillipe cums all over Tasha’s face, with Greta quickly cleaning it up.