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3-some Kamasutra

Cast:   Marcello , Hugo , Uli , Harry , Boris , Atilah , Hans

We all know three is a crowd, so this week we have a special surprise on Oldje-3some. We revisit the best sex positions we’ve seen in our threesomes. Considering the number of participants, thank God, there are loads of them. Every position in the book has blasted on your screens and they’re all ready to make you cum again.

Creamy BJs

Cast:   Marcello , Hugo , Bryn , Harry , Boris , Hugo S , Martin

This week we revisit some of the hottest blowjobs Oldje-3some had to offer along time. There’s nothing better than two girls sharing one dick or sharing cum in a hot kiss. Girls have been paying special attention to Oldje cocks with their mouths for a long time and the naughty ones never seem to get enough. What a better way to shut up little brats than to shove a dick up their throat?

Surprise For An Oldje

You take off your blindfold and find a stranger sucking your dick! It was actually the surprise Oldje got from his girlfriend. What was supposed to be a sexy blindfolded massage after a hard month at work turned out to be a surprise threesome! Once the blindfold was on Lili Charmelle brought out the masseuse Irina Cage to get it going with Oldje. Pussy licking and a tight pussy ride, two teen girls is every old cock dream. This much excitement made for a glorious ejaculation on the surprise's tongue and she shares it with his girlfriend!

The Art Of BlowJob

Cast:   Philippe , Nick , Marcello , Hugo , Felix , Harry , Boris

Pull down the pants and get a stiff surprise, it's all about shining the stick. Girls soft lips, the playful tongue, the pull you feel from their suction! Nothing says I love your cock like a blowjob does. It can get even better, a threesome means each girl gets a taste. Young and inexperienced or just natural born suckers, good little teens know to swallow the cum!

Threesome Stories

Cast:   Philippe , Hugo , Bryn , Harry , Hugh

A classic format with two teen girls and one experienced old man, each movie is unique and it's worth rewatching! But sometimes you want to get things over with and this compilation is exactly what you need. Press play to get your hard-on right away!