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Double Affair

Cast:   Felix , Freya Dee , Nicole Love

Who wants to go home from work if one of your employee is sucking your cock? The secretary walks in on the indecent activity and gets aroused, what else can she do but join the party! Sexy girls get their clothes off after they both suck his cock and Oldje starts to fuck them on his desk. The girls can’t get enough of his cock, as one rides on top the other licks his balls keeping his dick hard until both girls are satisfied. A good blowjob with their sweet little mouths made Oldje cum pretty fast… that’s how some employees get to leave work early!

The Lucky Teacher

Cast:   Nick , Miss Melissa , Roxy Sky

Learning English isn’t hard, but with two naughty girls Oldje is having difficulties keeping them focused. Roxy Sky and Miss Melissa giggle as each of them snap an upskirt picture, not being too discrete gets them in trouble and their phones gets confiscated. Curious to see what was so funny he swipes and sees both their closeup pussy pictures! Wanting to even the scores girls undress oldje for another private lesson, sucking his cock and getting fucked doggystyle on the couch. Both girls can now say they become teachers pet after taking turns riding his hard dick! Class is almost over as oldje lays back on the couch and lets the girls share his cock until he cums in Miss Melissa’s mouth.

A Seductive Proposal

Having a big house, Harry wants to let one of his apartments to some high school girls. Miss Melissa and Lovenia Lux seem interested in the apartment but want to negotiate on the price, after meeting Oldje half-way, they decide to pay with their sweet young bodies! After seducing him, schoolgirls start to kiss and take off his pants, with his dick exposed both teens give him a blowjob. Cock now all wet girls take turns bouncing on Oldjes dick, to be sure they properly pay the rent girls do missionary and doggy style! Harry ejaculates on girls cute faces thus finalizing this month’s transaction!

Anniversary Surprise

Cast:   Hugo , Casey , Kira Axe

Oldje remembered his one year anniversary with Casey and brings a big stuffed bunny as a gift. She didn’t forget the special day either, she brought her friend Kira Axe with a threesome in mind! Girls undress and start to take care of Hugo, each giving him sweet kisses and generous blowjobs. Curious to see what dick her friend enjoyed for a year, Kira wets her pussy and mounts Oldje! Casey gets her pussy ready for her turn, rubbing her clit to get a smooth penetration. As she gets fucked doggy style her friend assists with tender touches on the couple. Hugo took care of the girls, it’s no their turn to finish him, tongues out and ready to receive his cum!

Spicing Up Old Things

Cast:   Boris , Lana Roy , Casey

Women are a mystery and most likely will remain this way, Oldje comes to this conclusion when his young wife Casey complains about their sex life. Men expect girls don’t want to share their man yet she wants to bring her friend Lana for a threesome… Boris agrees and Lana arrives, let the fun begin! After satisfying their dick sucking cravings girls take turns on top of oldje, one gets her pussy eaten while the other rides his hard cock. No threesome is complete without the babes sharing a French kiss full of cum!