Jane Nedon

Jane Nedon

Age: 19 years old

Country: Hungary

Movie List

Oldje 3Some

After a long trip Jane Nedon and Miriam More check in at a Bed and breakfast managed by Oldje. Tired, the girls undress down to their lingerie and fall asleep. A little bit of a perv, Oldje slips in their room, lured by the lovely perfume of their clothes he starts to jerk off with them. A little too excited he makes noises and the girls wake up and confront his dick with a bit of a lick and suck. These horny babes really put Oldje to work, each girl face-sits and each one wants to be down on all fours and fucked doggy-style. Old man reaches his limit and his climax is shared by the girls through a long and sensual french kiss.

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