Age: 58 years old

Country: France

Movie List

Oldje 3Some

Old Chris is watching porn when redhead Miss Olivia comes in. Even though the girl sensually massages his shoulders, he doesn’t pay her much attention, still focused to the screen. Frustrated with the situation, the naughty girl calls over her friend, Charlotte Caddle, to complain about Chris ignoring her. The girls take the matter in their own hands, deciding to have together. Only when Olivia starts eating Charlotte’s pussy he becomes aware of his surrounding and accepts their invitation to join them. He gets his dick sucked by the slutty brunette while the young redhead sits on his face. When Charlotte takes a sit instead, Miss Olivia starts going up and down his dick, with her big tits bouncing. Fucking a redhead from behind and kissing a sensual brunette, the Oldje is living his dream. The girls share his cum, reminding Chris that he should live more in the moment.

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