Carla Crouz

Carla Crouz

Age: 31 years old

Country: Hungary

Movie List

Oldje 3Some

A normal day for a normal old man, cleaning the windows of his house.. Even if he has a big pervert mind he wasnt expecting to be haunted by two teen horny girls that wanna fuck and fulfill theyre crazy fantasy. The two horny brunettes enter in the room showing a naughty smile they start to tease the mature man getting his clothes off,one of the brunettes kneels in front of him liking and sucking his hard cock while the other teases his mind by kissing him slowly with passion. They are so horny they just need a good old fuck to make them feel better. The pleasure starts when the hungry teen sluts are getting undressed and prepared to receive a good hard fuck. He fucks each one of the horny young girls on the table,while the other one is kneeling and deepthroating that mature hard cock.A happy final for the kinky threesome ,the old man getting his big pleasure by cumming in the girls mouth,they finish by kissing each-other and sharing that sweet cum and smiling because they just had their victory.

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