Angel Rush

Angel Rush

Age: 26 years old

Country: Russian Federation

Movie List

Oldje 3Some

Two naughty employees have had some fun with the business car but managed to crash it. Now their boss caught them and is asking for some explanations. He lets them decide how they will deal with the consequences… Lexy and Angel decide to strip themselves and pay him with their bodies. They go over his desk and start seducing him with kisses and massaging him. At first he thought it was a prank! After they start to jerk him off and suck his cock it's clear he is going to get his money worth in sex. In the office they have no couch so the desk will have to do, Phillip starts fucking them one by one. Debt paid now it looks like the girls are enjoying themselves! They start to ride his dick and the other his face. It's now Phillips turn to pay them, in cum!

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