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3rd Player Joins The Game

Rating: 0   Released: 25.11.2017  

Oldje and teen kiss on the bed and she undresses for some hot naked sex! Things are not what they seem… She is only the maid! He gets caught by his wife but she actually joins them. They each give him a blowjob and in return they take turns to sit on his face for cunnilingus. The maid gets fucked in doggy style while his wife cheers him on and helps him thrust in her pussy! Wife wants in on the action and takes her place to be fucked from behind. They lay oldje on his back and suck his cum out of his cock and start to french-kiss each other with the jizz in their mouths!

Waiting for a surprise

Cast:   Nico , Renata Fox , Skiley Jam

Rating: 0   Released: 11.11.2017  

Renata Fox knows just what to do to surprise old Nico when he's bored - the sexy girl brings along shy Scyley Jam, curious to get a taste of Oldje dick. The teens tease him by making out with him and taking turns in sucking on his cock, until the man decides to give both of them a treat - one rides his face, the other rides his cock until the point both start moaning. Nico fucks Renata from behind, thanking her for the surprise, then lets the surprise ride him as miss Fox sucks on his balls. The girls finish him off with a blowjob that empties Oldje completely, sharing the cum shot in a make out ending session.

Double sex treatment

Cast:   Mia Evans , Harry , Lara West

Rating: 0   Released: 20.10.2017  

Brunette Mia Evans has to take care of two of the nastiest patients she's seen! Lara West wakes oldje's dick up with a blowjob that the brunette doctor watches with a smirk on her face and her hands on her nipples! Completely naked, the dirty teen makes out with the old man and blows him until she makes the doctor unable to just stay there watching. The old patient finds himself sucked and fucked by the two horny teens that make the bed springs sing as they ride him good. Both girls get their fair of old cock and can only repay oldje by making sure he gets to finish after a double blowjob from which they share a mouthful of cum - the doctor gives Lara her medication, spitting oldje's cum on her tits and letting her lick it up

Job Saving Sex

Rating: 0   Released: 30.09.2017  

Two naughty employees have had some fun with the business car but managed to crash it. Now their boss caught them and is asking for some explanations. He lets them decide how they will deal with the consequences… Lexy and Angel decide to strip themselves and pay him with their bodies. They go over his desk and start seducing him with kisses and massaging him. At first he thought it was a prank! After they start to jerk him off and suck his cock it's clear he is going to get his money worth in sex. In the office they have no couch so the desk will have to do, Phillip starts fucking them one by one. Debt paid now it looks like the girls are enjoying themselves! They start to ride his dick and the other his face. It's now Phillips turn to pay them, in cum!

Noisy Young Peaches

Cast:   Katy Sky , Merri Heys , Patrik

Rating: 0   Released: 25.08.2017  

Young pussies Katy Sky and Merri Heys play each other, touching and tickling until they get horny, laughing and having good time together! Naughty teens get disturb by oldje but they are so excited … they drag the poor old man into a kinky threesome game as soon as they feel his dick hard on his pants! Oldje tried to hide his lust but pervert girls start kissing and, taking his clothes off they discovered his hard cock! Crazy old and young hot threesome session started with oldje and the two horny teens, eager to blow him together! Double blowjob, licking pussy or fucking in doggy style or missionary, this old man gets more than he could imagine! Fucking their wet pussies and their tiny mouths oldje feels in haven! Young girls pleasure the old man in the way they know better but they don't forget of each other and share everything until the end, including his warm sperm! Finally old man grumbled they must be quiet and good girls from now on but secretly he can't wait to come back to them once more to calm them down again and to stick it in hard!